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    These are our new officers for 2018!    
Home Page Congratulations to the elected officers of
Beni Kedem for 2018
Potentate -------------------------------- Jerry D Belcher
Chief Rabban -------------------- Jason Sterling Hinkle
Assistant Rabban -------------------- Jerry L Campbell
High Priest & Prophet ------------- H Truman Chafin
Oriental Guide -------------- Jim Joseph Crawford Jr.
Treasurer ---------------------- Glenn A. Summers P.P.
Recorder ----------------------- Walter Louis Moore III

and Congratulations to the Temple Appointed Divan
of Beni Kedem for 2018
First Ceremonial Master ----- Michael A Martin Sr.

Second Ceremonial Master --------- Benny Jay Eplin
Director --------------------------- Morris E McMillian
Marshal ---------------------------- Russell L Compton
Captain of the Guard ----------- Phillip Bruce White
Outer Guard ------------------------------ H Deryl Crist
B.G. Boster ------------------------------------- Chaplain
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