100 Quarrier Street, Charleston, WV 25301 / P.O. Box 2589, Charleston, WV 25329 / 304-343-9405 / 844-421-1582
    These are our new officers for 2020!
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  Congratulations to the elected officers of
Beni Kedem for 2020
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2020 Beni Kedem Potentate
2020 Beni Kedem Potentatae
Jerry L Campbell
Spouse: Jeanne
Address: 590 Jefferson Street, S., Lewisburg, WV 24901
Email: jerrycampbell218@yahoo.com  Phone: 304-667-9024
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2020 Beni Kedem Shrine Chief Rabban-H Truman Chafin
Chief Rabban
H Truman Chafin

Spouse: Jeanne
Address: PO Box 1799
Williamson, WV 25661

Phone: 304-546-0421

2020 Beni Kedm Shrine Assistant Rabban-Jim Joseph Crawford Jr
Assistant Rabban
Jim Joseph Crawford Jr.
Spouse: Heather
Address: 413 Sun Valley Drive
Saint Albans, WV  25177
Phone: 304-415-6975
2020 Beni Kedem Shrine High Priest & Prophet-Michael A Martin
High Priest & Prophet
Michael A. Martin
Spouse: Elizabeth
Address: 35 Brookstone Drive
Huntington, WV  25704
Phone: 304-544-1997
      2020 Beni Kedem Shrine Oriental Guide-Benny J Eplin
Oriental Guide
Benny J Eplin
Spouse: Shella
Address: 404 Circle Drive
Logan, WV  25601
Phone: 304-687-2529

Glenn A. Summers, P.P.
Spouse: Kay
Address: PO Box 1147
Clendenin, WV  25045
Phone: 304-553-4630

John A Miller
Spouse: Sarah
Address: PO Box 2589
Charleston, WV  25329
Phone: 304-545-4262
and Congratulations to the Temple Appointed Divan
of Beni Kedem for 2020
      2020 Beni Kedem Shrine First Ceremonial Master-Morris E McMillian
First Ceremonial Master
Morris E McMillian
Spouse: Debbie
Address: 2537 Larwood Drive
Charleston, WV  25302
Phone: 304-549-4310
2020 Beni Kedem Shrine Second Ceremonial Master-Russell L Compton
Second Ceremonial Master

Russell L Compton
Spouse: Nancy
Address: 1170 Okey Patteson Road
Scarbro WV 25917
Phone: 304-719-7171
2020 Beni Kedem Shrine Director-Phillip Bruce White

Phillip Bruce White
Address: 873 Carroll Road
Charleston, WV  25314
Phone: 304-545-8305
      2020 Beni Kedem Shrine Marshal-John Paul Boyd

John Paul Boyd
Spouse: Lee Anna
Address: 202 W. Main Street
Belle, WV  25015
Phone: 304-881-3391

2020 Beni Kedem Shrine Captain of the Guard-Joseph R. Mann
Captain of the Guard
Joseph R. Mann
Address: 231 South Street
Union, WV  24983
Phone: 304-667-6820

Outer Guard

H. Deryl Crist
Spouse: Kay
Address: 1933 Oak Ridge Drive
Charleston, WV  25311
Email: ?
Phone: 304-342-1541

Elmer Pritt
Address: 132 High Street
Fayetteville, WV  25840
Phone: 304-574-2880

       2020 Beni Kedem Office & Maintenance Personnel
Recorder - John A. Miller
Spouse: Sarah / Address: PO Box 2589 Charleston, WV  25329 / johnny408b@gmail.com
Phone: 304-545-4262

Building Operations - Mark Mullins
Spouse: Stephanie / Address: 207 Ash Street, Charleston, WV  25302 / mullins0376@yahoo.com
Phone: 304-

Custodian - Chris Derrick
Spouse:   / Address: 4631 Sissonville Drive, Charleston, WV  25312 alwaysawake3485609@gmail.com
Phone: 304-941-3056

Temple Administrator - Cynthia Hunter
Spouse: John / Address: PO Box 975 Elkview, WV  25071 / cyndie1988@gmail.com
Phone: 304-941-3056

Transportation Coordinator - Sharon Smith
Spouse:  / Address: 207 Sabol Drive, Charleston, WV  25312 / izshort@aol.com
Phone: 304-941-8201