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    These are our new officers for 2018!
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  Congratulations to the elected officers of
Beni Kedem for 2018
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2018 Beni Kedem Potentate
Jerry D Belcher

Chief Rabban
& President of Clown Association
Jason Sterling Hinkle

Assistant Rabban
Jerry L Campbell

High Priest & Prophet
H Truman Chafin
Oriental Guide
Jim Joseph Crawford Jr.

Glenn A. Summers P.P.

Walter Louis Moore III
and Congratulations to the Temple Appointed Divan
of Beni Kedem for 2018
First Ceremonial Master
Michael A Martin Sr.

Photo not available

Second Ceremonial Master

Benny Jay Eplin


Morris E McMillian

Russell L Compton

Captain of the Guard
Phillip Bruce White

Outer Guard

H. Deryl Crist
B.G. Boster
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